Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Teacup Tuesday... How long exactly is a year?

Quick troops defend the small business from injustice!
Anna and I are fuming, no actually we're livid. We returned our first accounts to Companies House but were fined for being late. Since our accounts cover a period of over 12months we thought we had 21months to enter them, according to Companies House 12months and 2 weeks are not over 12months.

As you can imagine we have looked at our calendar and thought, well blimey.. "who knew? There must be 54 weeks in the year, imagine us not knowing that before... kinda explains our childcare costs"

OR there's some magic calendar out there that the government follows that we as working Mum's are not aware of.

So this week we are SEETHING with anger, all fired up to take on the big boys while quietly paying the fine because we want to stay in business.

Just another way the current Government is trying to stifle business in this struggling economy.

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