Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Teacup Tuesday- who is with me?

Our Teacup Tuesday blog at the end of last month was about the increase in postal charges we had swallowed up until now. We finally admitted defeat and rose our postage costs to cover Royal Mail's charges,  only to, shock horror, discover that on 1st April they are due to rise again. So time and effort has been taken by Sarah to amend all charges just a week or so ago only to now need to increase them yet again! This is only until we are able to find a safe, fast and reasonable service as an alternative to Royal Mail.
To read about the changes to our posting charges read Sarah’s blog  here

With this rant and bother, Sarah and I have been grumbling about over the last week or so, It has made me reflect on how hard it is to be a small on line business now days. Or indeed any small business without a Big overdraft or a Head office and multiple shops to spread the administration costs over and to swallow up the additional fees and surcharges applied.

At the forefront of my mind is always that we are small because we choose to be. We don’t want to be a BIG company with multiple staff and multiple overheads. Our little company is to enable us to be creative, to showcase other small independent makers who work from home  and to keep the importance of a one to one special service.  And of course to enable us to be with our children as they grow.

My blog of last year “We are who we are!” Where I explain a little of the life of a small business and how important we are to the makers we work with. It is a rant yes, but I think it sums up what is important and quite honestly how I feel shopping should be. Not about mass produced nasties that swallow up all the independents who have personality and substance. Sadly independent fishmongers have slowly been disappearing from the highstreet……to make room for more Primarks, John Lewis stores & other super duper stores!? Are we to wait till all independent stores are a thing of the past that we can only tell our grandchildren about like an old story? 

So today, with my glue gun and fabric at the ready I have decided to use this grump and frustration delve it into a positive thing and turn it round into being constructive and creative. I down my laptop and pick up my paintbrush and pencils and try and make a stand against the Big wigs. I take a stand for handmade, beautiful craftspeople and makers. 
For independent companies.
Lets strive to buy local, buy handmade and support small independent businesses over the BIG DOGS!

Whose with me??
Lets make a difference.

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