Thursday, 14 March 2013

Spring is coming...

I've been wandering about the garden looking at all the tightly closed buds. Spring is coming, it's just too cold at the moment to entice the plants into their Springtime glory.

It's been a long winter but today's sunshine is making me feel like a Spring Clean is overdue... And I'm going to start in DangerBaby's room. (Actually she should be DangerGirl now as at nearly 3 she's not really a baby... Except she's always going to be my baby!)

It's time to turn the nursery into a big girls room! We'll keep our soft toys, our memory blanket and rainbow maker...

DangerGirl is currently into Tigers, no the Tiger that came to Tea tigers but real ones that go "ROAR!". So I was thinking we could put together a few wild creatures to make her room a little more tiger friendly...

Mibo Wild Bunch all made up and on her bookshelves

Africa Coat Rack on the back of her door at her height so she can hang up her own clothes or put them in her wash bag!

Red Shuktara to give her reading sofa a little more of a exotic feel

(minus Samson)

This way when we have a Tiger come to visit, she'll feel more than at home in DangerGirl's wild creatures room.

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