Sunday, 3 March 2013

Monday maker, inspirations of Lucy, a sewing angel

Today we find out a little more about our sewing bee Lucy and her inspirations....

What did you want to be as a child?
When I was a child I longed to be either a cleaner for the queen, a librarian or a primary school teacher!

Where do you find creative inspiration?
I find inspiration in many places. I love flea markets and remnant and rag sales where I see lots of old children’s clothing, such as 1930’s smocked romper suits. Books about old fashioned living, particularly early twentieth century and old family photos. Vintage workwear, furniture and table linen seem to grab my attention. I look to other cultures too, vintage French, German and eastern European clothing and lifestyles, Latin American aprons, all sorts really! 

Which blogs or magazines do you read regularly and would you count as an “inspirational read“?
Being a recent subscriber to the internet I haven’t ever read any blogs, however I have in the last month found Esme and the Laneway which ignites my vintage clothing passion and started a pintrest board for images I find on line. In the past I have subscribed to Selvedge, World of Interiors and bought the odd Country Living but I don’t tend to buy magazines anymore as they just end up going back into the recycling process. I think now that I have internet I will use it much more than I ever thought I would.

What makes you different, what inspires you to create unique pieces?
I find modern high street children’s clothes too fussy, full of emblems and cartoons. I want simple, practical and elegant clothing to be accessible for everyone. I couldn’t find it myself so decided to make it myself!

Why are your pieces special?
My pieces are special because they are ethical, and made with the environment at the forefront of my mind. I can’t see why we can’t have lovely clothes and things that haven’t harmed the world or the people in it during it’s process. They are all handmade with attention to detail and love.

Can you tell us about a gift that you will never forget?
There are so many gifts that I have been given that I will never forget, African hand printed fabric chosen by and given by my brother, my beautiful shuktara blankets given by A at UNIK, various vintage blankets chosen and bought on outings with my mum.

What do you have planned for the future?  
Something for the boys! Am working on a French smock type tunic for all those little boys out there. I have had lots of questions about little boys clothing as it seems even more rare to find vintage inspired, plain boys clothing.

What are your three most important advices to any upcoming crafter?
Don’t let your fears hold you back, give as many things you make as possible to friends and family as they are generally a good source of critique and keep a journal or sketchbook of your ideas, research and developments as this provides inspiration and keeps you on track of what you have accomplished!

To sample some of  Lucy's treasured stitched items click here 

Her bunting and lavender mice arrive VERY soon!

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