Monday, 11 March 2013

Monday Maker....Lucy's Lovely Creations

Today we look at Lucy's lovely creations themselves.

Lucy’s portfolio of wares so far consists of;

The Bespoke Winnie Pinafore
Lucy adores the old fashioned principle of pinny wearing and wishes for this tradition to continue. A pinafore is a loose, protective yet beautiful garment worn over your day to day clothes.
The Winnie Pinny is designed for children with practicality in mind,styled on a vintage French children’s pinafore. The Pinny is beautifully made using early 20th Century mangle linen. A fabric that was used traditionally to protect clothes from any damage whilst being washed in the mangle, and turned to eek out the water. 

Each piece of fabric used is unique with beautifully darned areas and different selvedges, creating totally unique one off pinnies. Each pinny is stitched with 100% cotton thread. Wear them whilst playing to protect clothes whilst playing or all the time. Also perfect to make any outfit pretty for a party!

Washing Instructions- 40 degrees 
100% natural fibres (linen, cotton binding, cotton thread) 
*linen can become stiff after washing. Steam iron to soften

Find Winnies Pinnes here

Organic cotton Winnie pinafore
Based on the same shape as the Winnie pinnies, this pinny uses a Organic fair-trade cross weave fabric. Top stitched beautifully in 100% cotton red thread.
Washing Instructions- 40 degrees 
100% natural fibres (cotton, cotton binding, cotton thread) 
*Coming to the unik website soon*

Lucy is hoping to add adult aprons to her list of  made wares soon!

Bespoke Bunting & Mice sets

Upon the birth of her niece Lucy wanted to make her something special that would be cherished forever. Using a combination of plain and patterned fabrics, padded with 100% cotton wadding amongst remnants of fabric used in her card making and second hand stuffing for a more sturdy appearance. These Lavender mice are a unique addition to a nursery or bedroom. Using combinations of the same fabrics, the mice can be accompanied by bunting the perfect adornment to any nursery.
*Coming to the unik website soon*

Each item is beautifully packaged in Lucy's own packaging which is 100% recyclable and bio-degradable.

In her everyday life, Lucy attempts to live by a practical, utilitarian and ethical philosophy. She therefore only use materials that have either been created fairly, organically and ethically or vintage, found and up-cycled.

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