Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Teacup Tuesday... beautiful things & necessities

We're tired of bad service so we're taking our custom elsewhere!

We're fed up of having to tell people our website and email is down. Enough is enough we are moving on to a new domain host.

But as with our old domain host the transfer isn't turning out to be simple. The old company wants to delete the site before we move to the new company. It's customer service like this and unreliability that means we are moving. *SIGH* Why doesn't everyone care about their customers like we do?

On a more positive note, we've started a u-ni-k gifts Pinterest Board! Both Anna & I have been on Pinterest personally for a while but it's only recently that they allowed businesses to also have a page. So we've started a few boards based upon the things that inspire us, crafty things we can do with the little ones, beautiful things and of course, no u-ni-k Pinterest page would be complete without the "We love Bunnies" board.

There's a little something for everyone; Mummy (parent) humour, some of our favourite pieces...

So come over and take a look at some of the beautiful things we've found while looking for makers and inspiration for our own crafty lives!

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