Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Teacup Tuesday- Support

As I am sat drinking tea watching the rain splatter over my garden I’ve been thinking a lot about the degrees of support you rely on as a Mum and as a small business owner starting out.

Support comes in many levels and degrees.
Friends and family support us unconditionally. When we are ratbags, when we probably don’t deserve it and especially when we really do. They normally pull it out of the bag and astonish us with the level of help they offer.
Without them we’d be useless.
The support comes in many forms- As a degree of encouragement, a source of energy, to baby sit when tirelessly working, a person to bounce ideas off, to make sure you've eaten when you've been too busy to, to remind you to go to bed and most of all to believe in you.

In the past few weeks I have beckoned for help from friends and family, trying to pull together ideas and support. Always supporting other family members and friends as they too try to start something fresh and new. It’s important. What’s the point of keeping something you are good at and saving it for only you. I hope that for those who have helped me I can help them in some way soon. And for those that I have helped I hope I can call upon them when I need them. It's not a condition of helping, it's just nice to know you can call upon people. People who matter and can help.

From speaking to many starting out at the beginning of their journey, or somewhere mid point- It’s a hard time, a struggle and most certainly a time when self confidence is at it’s lowest. Even if you know you are on to a winner, at the beginning it can be tough.

So with the knowledge that I couldn’t do what I do without a little bit of help, I ask you all to do the same. Share your talent by helping someone else. Whether is be proof reading, giving advice, sharing your trade, helping to energise  someone dipping, looking after baby so you can get on or simply by making a Cuppa when they are mid flow- it all helps! I promise.


Share the love,
Share your skills,
Share and support

Together we can do it!

P.s.......thank you to those who have helped in any way!

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