Thursday, 11 August 2011

The arrival of Master Samson aka BIG boy bump!

As all the Kircher's in the house hold sleep, the unmarried lady that I am, (ohhhh the scandal!) I am sat in front of the new man in my life- Master Big boy bump, aka Sampson Allan Grey Kircher.

He’s a handsome fella. He has such a little boy’s face. Stupid though it sounds, he is such a boy! He has a sweet little cry that sounds like a squeaky lion and a very laid back attitude. So far he has only really cried when he’s had his manhood exposed to the elements! Which to be honest is fair enough!

He came a wee bit earlier than planned (2 days) on Sunday evening, thankfully a hell of a lot quicker then Ida did! The day before I went into labour I was raking up grass and painting the skirting boards. I was actually in B&Q buying more paint for our bedroom, that is still is to be finished, when it all started. As normal I decided to ignore that fact I was having contractions hoping that if I ignored it long enough it would simply go away and we’d be able to finish our bedroom, set it all up and have all my “to do” jobs ticked off as planned before he arrived. Unfortunately he is like his mummy in many ways and arrived early!

Anyway- so that you can all finally put a face to the nickname I gave him, here he is. 
Samson after the Sun (Happy Happy!). 
Allan after my Dad and Sam’s Granddad who can’t be here to meet or share in his growing. 
And Grey just because.

As a second time Mum I am a lot more chilled this time round. Feeding is proving difficult again but hey!! We’ll work it out.

Although u-ni-k is officially in the safe hands of Sarah this week, while I learn to juggle my new addition into the family routine, I have been being nosey and keeping updated with all that’s happening. I am hoping next week I’ll be able to squirrel away a little more so that the new look website can be launched as planned in September. It’s looking great…with lots of new products and a clearer fresher feel! Well done IT nerd Sarah Mummy! We are both very proud with our new fangled dangle bits and hope you like it too.

In the meantime I just want to take this opportunity to thank a few people for being fantastic over the past few days.

Firstly Sarah for being hero of the day on Sunday. When Grandma (my plan A for Ida sitting) went awol without a mobile, and my big Sister (my plan B) who was with Grandma with mobile in a bag…Sarah (my thankful Plan C) dropped everything she was doing (which included treating her Mum to a birthday day out!) to come a sit with Ida while I breathed through my contractions and Mr Kircher de-painted & de dusted himself after I finally admitted I was actually about to have a baby!  And very soon at that!

To Danger baby Kathryn for sharing her Mummy this week with u-ni-k and Ida! Sarah was also Ida’s surrogate Mummy while we bought Sam home. Super Mum!

To my very special girl Ida for being such a big girl. She adores Samson. I am very proud. She gets very concerned when he cries and loves to kiss him and stroke his head. She has even tried feeding him herself with her dollies bottle. Oh well, one thing at a time! We have had a few screaming rages as well!

To Larry the lamb for keeping Samson company at bedtime. Larry is Sarah’s fresh off the needles first Mummy made gift made with her own fair hands. He is gorgeous and will soon be on the u-ni-k website alongside all his friends. Watch out for him. He’s adorable and Samson and I will treasure him for a very very long time

To my little sister, Aunty Katie, for flying round my house on Monday with a hoover, tea making, washing up, organising the family, playing with Ida and generally being fab. To all the guests that are soon to visit, you’ve been warned; she has set a very high precedent! You’ve been warned!!!

To everyone who has sent lovely cards and messages.

To Mr Kircher for making such gorgeous babies with me!

And lastly I want to say thank you to Sam again. As I whispered to him during our first cuddle in hospital just after he had been born; I thanked him for his extra speedy delivery and making me a very happy Mummy to have a special little man like him.

To my beautiful little man, welcome to the world x

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