Friday, 19 August 2011

A beautiful tweet: for Ava

I was very moved today (baby hormones and all that) by a tweet that popped up this morning while I was busy tip tapping while all the Kircher’s in the house slept. Mandy Sutcliffe from Belle and Boo and amazing illustrator of the gorgeous letter press images we sell on the u-ni-k website, tweeted about honouring Ava and celebrating with a tea party. So being the nosey moose that I am I clicked on the link to find this gorgeous charity, Ava’s tea party in memory of Ava.

Go and take a peak!

Ava’s short life is celebrated every year around 22nd August with a tea part as Ava never had the chance to share one her friends a family before she died. Everyone is invited to participate in the celebration of her life.  As the website dedicated to this gorgeous charity explains-

A tea party.
Tiny Cakes and spotty plates.
Loved ones gathered together.
A time to laugh, a day to love,
A princess remembered forever.

It’s about taking time.
Making time,
Putting moments aside to love and to laugh with those you adore.
Bake a cake,
Open the cookies,
Make your milk pink and sing.
Wear pretty aprons and pick fresh flowers and above all else,

Be glad,
Give thanks
And cherish

I’ll be dressing Ida the Naughty in pink this weekend (yes, I will) and celebrating in every way I can by enjoying my naughties, Ida and Sam by spending happy times and creating special memories…with lots of giggles and slimey kisses.

We hope you will join us too!

Enjoy x

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