Thursday, 25 August 2011

Learning something new isn’t easy!

Starting up a new business isn’t easy. Sarah and I are very much polar opposites when it comes to our knowledge and experience that we have accrued over our professional lives so far. I haven’t a clue about computers, IT, building website or business on a corporate scale.  Sarah is the Website genius, IT wizard come super mum.
Running the small business that Sarah and I have chosen to start during the first year of our daughters lives (probably the busiest and most tiring time of our lives so far) means we both have to learn new skills and overlap our skills where possible so that when Danger baby comes down with Chicken pox or Flu, Sarah can switch off and be Mummy and I can run the show till all is better.  And vice versa!

Therefore we both need to be able to do what the other can do where possible. Even if in a very simplified version. Therefore my very BIG task for this weekend is, and I mean BIG, if you know me at all, is to learn simple procedures of updating our website.

Arggggggggghhhhhhhhhh is all I have to say!

Firstly I apologise Sarah for whatever happens. I will become upset and angry and act like a child. I will throw a tantrum, bang my head against the table and probably cry. (Gosh- that’s where Ida gets it from!!) But please be patient, I will get there in the end. I promise. I am just very very very (yes, three very’s!) slow at computery things!!

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  1. Oh dear me... may show Ida how to do it. It'll save us time! She already shows an aptitude for computer things!