Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Inspirational working Mums!

A few months back, South West Trains had some serious problems and Daddy DayCare only just made it home for SplishSplash time. However, u-ni-k's Anna was still working hard at her other day job and I wondered if her and BigBoyBump needed collecting from somewhere and taking home.

Unable to reach her by phone, I turned to Twitter to see if she'd posted any updates. To my surprise one of the Mummy's we follow was looking for updates from her husband and partner (he designs her website). BabySigningMummy's husband and u-ni-k's Anna were both stuck on a train just outside a station for 4 hours! Having shared exasperation at SWT trains together, I've been drawn to following her tweets quite closely (and not just for transport updates!).

BabySigningMummy is an excellent tweeter: she's supportive of her other Mummy tweet friends, always offers good advice, and is ready with an update or two about being a Mummy to Baby Signing Bella. Bella and Baby Signing Mummy have been championing the cause of Mother and Baby communication for a while now. In fact Louise has combined BSL and Makaton to create the Baby Signing Mummy method.

Anna and The Naughty, Ale and Italian Stallion and some of the other NCT Mummies are keen baby signers. DangerBaby slept at the wrong times for us to take either class (she's very much a routine baby and we both suffer if we don't keep to it), so we've watched as the others have made planes or squished their hands to show they want some milk. It's all very impressive.

BabySigningMummy is very impressive herself. 2011 has very much been her year (and we're only in August):

In May she was voted in the Top 4 for the Best New Children's Activity 2011 in the What's on 4 Junior Awards.

On the 23rd June, Baby Signing Mummy was named winner of the Best New Business Venture 2011 by the Hampshire Winning Women Business Awards.

The winning streak has continued as she is on the shortlist for winning the Business Parent of the Year in the MumandWorking 2011 Awards.

More recently she tweeted that she's made being a finalist on the 2011 Mumpreneur Awards as well!

A truly inspirational Mummy indeed.

For more information on Baby Signing and the Baby Signing Method, visit her website at: www.babysigningmummy.com

You can follow her on @babysigningmum and follow us @u_ni_k - we're both on Twitter!

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