Thursday, 4 August 2011

A Ditty for my Smiley Sue

Maybe my hormones are a little crazy at the moment, but I thought I should do a little blog for my little Spidey Idey.
As I mentioned yesterday, with the imminent arrival of BIG boy bump I have been beavering away trying to get as much u-ni-k work done as possible and trying to spend as much quality time with Ida before she has to learn to share her Mum and Dad’s attention with her new brother. We’ve bought her a new Jelly Cat Cow toy to soften the blow when Boy arrives. She’ll love him.  He’s massive and super soft and appropriately and well chosen by Daddy. At the moment Ida’s newest thing is baby “signing” Cow whenever she see’s one. Which would be very little in a normal household, but when you have a one year old there are Cow’s everywhere. On her dinner plate, in her books, on her PJ’s. You name it there are cows!

So, as a Mummy trying to give her wee one all the love and attention she deserves despite being a waddling swollen MOOSE, I thought I would dedicate this blog to my sweetest Ida. So a little ditty for my Ida written by your Mom.

To Sue, aka Spidey Idey

You’re my naughty,
My Piccalilli,
My smiley and smelly Sue.

You’re my piggy wiggy
And silly billy
And my very clever girl.

You’re my naughty,
You’re stubborn.
You’re a little mini me.

But most of all,
You’re my sweetest.
And You’ll always be Spidey Idey to me!

Love Your Mum

And as Frank Sinatra sang (as well as Ida’s Great Granddad whenever he see’s her)

“Ida, Sweet as apple cider,
Sweeter then all I know
I love you Ida, indeed I do!”

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