Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Love it/Buy it/Use it/Abuse it. As long as it’s machine washable, use it well!

I was reading a link on facebook from a Mummy blogger asking the question, What is the most you have ever spent on a baby item? Would you pay £55 for 1 blanket? It started me thinking as we, u-ni-k gifts, have many beautiful blankets on our website around that price range.

Now I am a practical Mummy. I understand that some Mummies will be horrified and gasp and then shout "Absolutely not!!". I totally understand.  I once was probably of the same opinion. However I think those Mummies are the type of Mummies that may be persuaded to buy a “treasure” of a blanket and then be too worried to use it incase it gets damaged or lost.  So it gets locked up in a cupboard and is never looked at, let alone used. If it becomes a blanket that just sits amoungst the pile of bedlinen then of course don't buy it!!!

But surely it depends on how much you will use it. My argument is if you LOVE it and it is gorgeous, BUY it, USE it, ABUSE it! If you spend a lot of money on a product, use it!! I have many beautiful and fairly expensive blankets that I have bought or have been given to me. I love them all for different reasons. Some are cashmere and feel ohhh so soft and just like home, some are very pretty where as others are super light and great for hot hot weather like today. But one thing they all do have in common is that they are all used, abused and used with love.
Each blanket has been used for many many reasons as well as to keep my little girl warm. If it can be used as a comforter, sleeping blanket, play blanket, burp  cloth, sun shade, mop cloth, swaddle blanket, summer towel and still holds it’s own then of course I won’t think twice about buying it. If you love it and love using it everyday and it with stands all yours and your childs need’s then it is worth it’s weight in gold.
When Ida’s baby blankets become too small for her to sleep with, they will still be well used. They will either sit at the end of her bed or we’ll use it as a picnic blanket when we go to the park or play tents with them with her little BIG brother.

Surely as long as they are all machine washable …….USE them and use them well!!

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