Tuesday, 30 August 2011

It’s all in the name!

I am a weird one. No really I am! 
One of the reason’s Ida’s name was the chosen name, was because I don’t like names that can be shortened. I figured that Ida would be too hard to shorten. 
Being an Anna I cringe when I am called Anne or Annie! Don’t get me wrong, Anne is a lovely name but ITS NOT MY NAME….as the Tin Tin’s say!! I wanted Ida to be Ida. However, being the weirdo i am, I then started calling her Sue! Why I hear you ask!? Well because as soon as she gave me the gift of her gorgeous first smile I called her Smiley Sue….quickly followed by Stinky Sue, and Stubborn Sue etc etc. And it stuck. She also has her other nickname given to her by Sarah : The naughty. Given to her as i constantly found myself repeating  "Don't be naughty Ida"on our first anti-natal meetings. Of course Kathryn's name is self explanatry! Danger Baby!!

So, I hear you all say, why on earth did you call your new son Samson when you don’t like to shorten names. Surely he’ll always be a Sam! Well yes, but I love the name Sam! See I am weird. 
I have rules and I basically make them up and change them as I go along. A women’s prerogative!

I have a trove of nicknames. I am called Banny, Nana and Mrs Moon by my family. All very weird but I respond to all. My sister in law has a new baby called Henry Oscar. However at 5 ½ weeks he is already adopted the nickname of Henry Boo due to me reading a text wrong at 4 o’clock in the morning when his birth was announced by his Dad.

So a nickname is a nickname. They tend to stick and embarrass you as you get older, but hey! Whether my two will always be Sue and Sam (depending on if I start to call Sam something strange like Horace- Hiccup Horace?!) I don’t know. I do know that a nick-name is normally a sign of endearment. A sign of love from parent to sibling, from friend to friend, from sister to sister.

Which is why a lovely personalisation on a gift with a very personal nickname that a parent gives a sibling is so special. Whether is be embroidered on a pretty party dress , stitched onto a cashmere blanket used everyday or simply engraved on a silver bangle. Each makes the gift that little bit more personal and special. A really u-ni-k gift!

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Signing off, as ANNA with the Banna!
My name of today.

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