Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A lesson from history; I must be kinder to my child

Now it's no secret that both Anna and I believe in the best for children. We practice what we preach, both of us grow fruit and veg and our children eat home cooked meals prepared with the fruits (or veggies) of our labour. The Naughty and DangerBaby are both foodies and will eat everything from smoked trout to moussaka, all lovingly prepared by us Mummies.

It doesn't stop at food, we clothe our children in natural fibres that let their skin breathe (which of course are available at , and they are nearly always clean (unless we've been playing in the garden but that's friendly dirt and therefore doesn't count). They have the opportunity to play outside with other children, to fall over and get back up again and generally run around being little tikes. I think I can safely say that both our little girls are happy, healthy children. Fingers crossed it stays this way...

There's a TV programme on tonight about the Lancaster witch trials, made famous by the first admission of a child as a reliable witness in court. The little girl in question accused her family and family friends of witchcraft and they were all sentenced to death! Now you'll not be surprised to learn that one of my friends can trace her family history to the Lancashire witches; birds of a feather and all that. However, apart from a recent text message destined for her other half that went to her Mum by mistake (oops no recall function!), she has a loving and beautiful relationship with her Mother. So I don't think there will be any fingerpointing and crying of 'witch' in that family for many more generations.

There's a lesson to take heed of here, I am already forming a relationship with DangerBaby – even though she can't yet speak in a language that can be understood by everyone, I know what her words and babbles mean – the difference between 'I want my sleepytime milk' and 'I want BunnyBunny in the bath with me!'. For instance I just had to stop typing because she was making her 'I can't reach it but I can see it' noise [little ball rolled under the sofa we're playing indoor football in between my attempts at typing]. She knows that I'm her Mummy and I love her.

I can be quite a tough Mummy when it comes to playing nice with other children, sharing, and manners. So, I need to remember not to become so very frustrated and angry when she does something 'naughty' (current bugbear is her thing of tipping her plate upside down with food still on it and then swiping her food onto floor). My frustration is hard to understand, she isn't aware I spent 45minutes preparing her food just to see it fall on to the floor. Aghhhhhhh.

Perhaps I should also treat her now and again to the things that she loves? She may not be able to accuse me of witchcraft in a trial but she is after all probably going to choose my nursing home.

So with this in mind I'm off to visit our test website to browse through some of the lovely things we have lined up for our launch in September...

[Please remember that the Wicked Witch is not dead, I'm just off to Germany to visit Oompa for a few days so it's back to normal as Anna will be writing the blog and steering the goodship u-ni-k until next week].


  1. Alison Timperley17 August 2011 at 13:26

    Thanks Sarah. I may be related to a witch, but at times, some may replace the "w" with another letter to describe me, when I get fristrated. Thankfully I am not a mother, but if I was, manners would be taught in abundance as you are and love would be given freely. Perhaps those that choose to loot our neighbours and damage their possessions are missing one or both of those. Think on people.

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  3. Good points Ali, and thank you for letting me bring Alice Nutter into the story!