Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Have the Know How!

With the very soon to come arrival of BIG boy bump, and having to make plans for u-ni-k and for the naughty Ida while I am in labour (I have insisted Mr Kircher is with me the WHOLE time as it’s half his fault that I am having to go through labour this soon after having Ida) I have made a “to do list” of Ida and her Ism’s for my Mum, Sisters and antenatal friends incase they have to Ida sit while I am in hospital. I had a very very very very long first labour!!! But I won’t bore you with that one.

So whilst writing about Ida and her Ism’s I realised that my big sister probably has never changed a nappy in her life. Let alone changed a nappy of a squawking one year old as she tries to run down the garden covered in you know what! Now there is no shame in that at all. I hadn’t changed a nappy before Ida came along. In fact I made Mr Kircher do the entire bottom changing for pretty much the whole first day of Ida’s life, as he was far more experienced than I was. He had changed his goddaughters bottom once!! Therefore In my mind he was a genius and fully qualified.  And I had just experienced a long long labour!

For already Mummies and my little sister who offers to change Ida’s bottom whenever she can (I know, she’s mad!)- you’ll have mastered this already. For my big sister I was going to write on Ida’s ism’s sheet exactly how, what etc to do. But hey, I figured you’re big enough and ugly enough to work it out for yourself. All I would say is be fast, be prepared, where you can have distraction toys and have back up!
You’ll be fine. 
You’ve got to learn some time!

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