Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Keep Quality. Keep service.

While walking through my new abode of a town, Farnham this weekend,  I walked past the local newspaper office with a big poster in the windows, with the words “Save the Water Meadows”. Now I haven’t been to the Water Meadows, I don’t know where the Water Meadows are but I know that I want to save them!
Like too many things these days, the extra special things in life are forgotten about, built upon or replaced with something cheaper & mass produced.
In this case the Water Meadows in Farnham.
This is also the case in many aspects of our lives today. Too readily we accept mass produced, badly made and low quality products because they are cheap. Rather then looking after the small precious homemade products made by small makers who make with love.

In addition to this I also stumbled across a stall supporting the local milkmen and women, enlisting people to sign up to receiving milk again the “proper” way. Our lives of convenience have “outed” all our loyalties of shopping locally. Shopping locally and supporting our local amenities also ensures we can get our milk in time for our breakfast cereal in the morning, get our beef cut in the way we need it and have fresh bread everyday with a friendly smile. By choosing to buy in a certain way we are also supporting the local community, tradesmen and accepting a fantastic customer service. We happily moan when customer service is not at an acceptable level. So why don’t we accept the wonderful service of delivering simple daily pleasures like milk to our door everyday.

So as well as supporting my new community,  supporting my local milkman and amenities (I am in search for a baker, butcher and fishmonger next), I will also be making sure that where possible, u-ni-k gifts will represent small independent makers. Sarah and i will also endeavour to give all our clients service with a smile. :)
If you would like to do the same in supporting what counts, click on the links below and show your support.

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