Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Useful tips for busy Mums

Oompa Grampa sent me these useful tips, and since we're spring cleaning here at u-ni-k I thought I'd share these with you.

Store bed sets in one of their pillow cases - never hunt for matching sets again! 
(I am so doing this from now on)

Use an old wet wipe dispenser to store plastic bags - saves on space and helps you to reuse them!

Baby powder helps remove sand off skin. Pack some in your beach bag 
(no really it does we've done this for years)

A velcro strip on the wall helps store teddies

With two pieces of wire, you could store gift wrap rolls on the ceiling of a cupboard instead of them
rolling about on the floor making a mess.
(not so good if you're short like me)

Use a stocking over the end of a hoover to find lost small objects (earings, earing backs etc)

A shoe box lid can become a muffin tray with cross cuts

How to fold a fitted sheet (yes yes yes I will so be doing this!)

Magnetic strip on the back of a bathroom cabinet door can store all sorts of hair pieces (bobby pins)

Use the hotel shower cap to store shoes in when coming home after a holiday. 
Saves your clothes becoming dirty with their dirty soles.

With a little blu tack (or a small magnet), 
plastic cups and a muffin case become perfect crafty storage

Bread tags make perfect cable ties
(do you see these ties anymore?)

Cook muffins in ice cream cones - fun and yummy! 
Easier for kids to eat as well

Make your own pop corn with corn kernels and a paper bag

A tension bar under the sink provides a perfect storage solution for spray bottles.

Use this simple technique to add a touch of romance
to your loved ones boiled eggs.

Place your cookie dough on the underside of a baking tray to make 
biscuit cups - serve ice cream in them.
(I'm never going to be thin)

Old guttering makes perfect planting for vegetables in any garden.
Wall space is all you need!

Egg boxes - perfect for storing christmas decorations

Walnuts - perfect for restoring wood (helps rings, scratches, and other marks)

Just for Anna & Ida.... remove crayon marks with WD40. 
It works with walls / brickwork as well as TVs

Thank you Oompa - we'll be putting these to good use!


  1. love them, i can see trying to use a few of these tips.

  2. Brilliant, brilliant blog, I love these, especially the wrapping paper one!

  3. Thanks Kerri! We just had to share these useful tips - even tho' we're not tall enough for the wrapping paper one!

  4. The tip about the cookie dough is brilliant. I wonder if you could cook a blind pastry case on an upturned shallow round or oblong tin.

  5. Don't know Anonymous... I'd be worried about drying it out and cooking time. Saying that if you search this blog for baking tips you'll know I'm a cook not a baker! ;p