Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Another Happy Customer

It's a New year so I have been spring cleaning our unik office and asking all our customer's to give us a little feedback to make the unik service a better one!

Here is some friendly funny feedback from one of our lovely customers.

Mr Peter Grafton, London
Purchase of two wooden cars for his Nephew, Archie

“I have asked Archie through the medium of paint to describe to me the +vs and -vs of his 2 toy cars.

Here is his response.

The blue and green represents his satisfaction with the cars and the incredible value for money they offer.

The yellow suggests a small intake of breath when he heard about the £5.90 p&p charge..”

Mr Grafton, We are very happy Archie is enjoying his two cars. They are gorgeous! 
Let me explain a little about the £5.90 P&P charge. The £5.90 is simply the price that Royal Mail charges us to send your weighted gift "SPECIAL DELIVERY". This ensures your gift is insured and track able and received the next working day after we post it. The pretty packaging we parcelled your Nephew's gift in was a gift from us to you and your nephew. We parcel all our gifts that way.

We will happily send gifts standard Royal Mail first or second parcel rate if a client stipulates it. There is a notes section on pay pal where you can add comments and request special things like this. We will happily abide and refund the postage difference to you if you choose to do so, if you are happy to run the risk of the gift not being insured, lost or damaged. We choose SPECIAL DELIVERY so that every gift is received safely and quickly with minimum problems.

We are VERY happy that Archie likes his toy cars.

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