Thursday, 5 January 2012

Celebrating winter babies...January Babies!

Celebrate your winter baby, I'm a winter baby, in fact I'm a January winter baby! So for all those babies due this month, here's a little bit of information about those of us lucky enough to be born in the first month of the year:

Early January Babies

Starsign:Babies born near the start of January will be Capricorns who are known to be stable, patient, trustworthy, persistent, and ambitious.

Birthstone:Their birth stone will be Garnet which signifies constancy.

Flower:The flower for early January babies is a carnation, which can be used to signify love, fascination and distinction.

Astrology:They'll be born in the year of the Rabbit (see Anna's earlier post) as the Chinese New Year occurs in late January. Rabbits are social and well loved.

Famous early January babies: Kate Middleton, J R R Tolkien, Rowan Atkinson, Nicholas Cage, Joan of Arc, David Bowie, Stephen Hawking, and Elvis Presley.

Summary - Early January babies are sociable, patient and trustworthy. They love life and have a fascination for everything. Expect your early January baby to be the gentle life and soul of the party, it will be your child who makes sure everyone gets up to dance. A hard worker who is driven to succeed, this baby will go far.

Late January Babies

Starsign:Those born after the 20/19th January will be Aquarians (like me!) and the traits associated with an aquarius are humanitarian, friendly, honest, loyal, original, incentive, independent and intellectual.

Birthstone:Their birth stone will be Amethyst which signifies sincerity.

Flower: Their birth flower is a violet or primrose. These flowers are usually associated with humility, faithfulness and chastity.

Astrology:Babies born after the Chinese New Year will be Dragons  (you know from Anna's post that I'm a 1976 Fire Dragon)! Dragons are intelligent, giving and tenacious!

Famous late January babies:Sarah Davies (ahem!), Gary Barlow, Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin, George Burns,  Sir Francis Bacon, Robert Burns, Paul Newman (who shares his birthday with me and Andrew Ridgeley of Wham fame!), Lewis Carol and Oprah Winfrey.

Summary - Your late January baby will be gregarious, intelligent, and loyal. As a true leader your baby will often be the first to achieve, using their independent nature and superior intellect to their advantage. Fiercely defensive of their friends and family, this baby will fight against injustice and cruelty. Expect them to keep you on your toes, your late January baby will conquer the world, if given the chance.

[OK now admit it you're going to rush off and google Paul Newman's birthdate? 26 January 1925, Andrew Ridgeley - 26 January 1963)

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