Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Get Outside

I have watched A LOT of TV in the last 72 hours as my daughter and I have been nursing a gastric bug. CBeebies eat your heart out! I'm CBeebed out.

Whilst sat on my sofa wrapped in a blanket, hoping my other half would arrive home from work very soon so I could jump in a hot bath and go to bed, I saw an advert for a family holiday company. The main headline was along the lines of, “Don’t let your children just be left the family clock when you die, give them something amazing to remember you by". You know what I'm like about heirlooms and tradition! 

So with that in mind I’ve been planning the following to do as soon as I am feeling 100% fit. The weather is starting to show hints of spring and I really can’t stand another day of CBeebies and Christmas DVD’s (Our’s is Peppa Pig) as my edges are fraying. So a gastric bug and winds so strong that they would blow me to Oz will no longer stop me and my little Ida who is just as bored as me! We aren’t staying locked up inside anymore. We are going to hit the town! Here's afew places that we've been dreaming about.

Located in the Surrey countryside Bocketts farm is a wonderful day out. We ventured here on mass last October and had a wonderful time. It’s open every day of the year from 10-5.30. There is a little tearoom and a picnic area to eat. But wrap up warm! There is a special small animal handling area, goat milking, gold panning, tractor and pony rides and even a wonderful pig race at lunchtime.  If that wasn’t enough there is an amazing play area inside and out in case it rains. Most of the animals are under cover. We are planning an outing very soon.

Both Sarah and I have passes so spend a lot our time here. If we wrap up warm we won’t feel the cold (hopefully). Ok so in this weather it may be a little bleak but there are toasty warm greenhouses and for when it’s dry there are rambling walks and trails, an amazing play area where you can build a den and the BEST café’s to warm up with a hot chocolate and a piece of award winning (in my opinion) cake. If you plan the route carefully you can start at one café and finish at the other. I’ve promised Ida and myself a big slice of Victoria Sandwich!

This is the place to blame for unik gifts beginnings. Sarah and I and all our NCT ladies and babies used to meet here for coffee/tea and cake when our little ones were babbling babies and not running havoc. It’s a gorgeous natural lighted building in Woking town centre. It has a lovely atmosphere and organises special painting and story telling sessions for the under 5’s. See the next sessions planned above.

As a new Farnham inhabitant I LOVE The Maltings. I have been told that you can reach every part of the Maltings with a buggy! It’s an amazing building and a gorgeous space with a sweet coffee shop and adorable tiny shop. The collections on show are wonderful and they also have special activities for children. See the balloon artist link. I personally can’t wait till next month when they are showing  The Adventures of Tintin for children to see. I hope i can peek too!
I’ve also heard that they hold ceramic sessions for little ones too.

The Gruffalo- Something to look forward to!
A fellow Mummy mentioned on facebook that The Gruffalo is coming to Woking in the summer and is highly recommended. We were bought the Gruffalo when Ida was tiny and we all love it. So we’ll be purchasing tickets to see this!

We can't wait to put on our wellies, and venture outside again!

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