Thursday, 19 January 2012

Spring Cleaning with a difference

I, like most Mummies, adore my children.
I am not the overly maternal type despite having two children in very quick succession. Little babies scare me a little. I have always been fine with my own babies but other peoples I worry that I am doing something wrong!
I always wanted to have children. I have always had a lovely relationship with my parents and felt I wanted to share the love a little and have a brood of people that I could call friends when I am old and wrinkly! I love the way my Mum and Dad bought me up to have my own mind and opinions. Not always perhaps the correct timings in the way or things I have said and perhaps I am a little too stubborn for my own good. But being bought up and respected by my Mum and Dad is a gift they gave me that I feel very lucky to have experienced. And most certainly a gift I wish to pass onto my children. You learn from your mistakes after all!

So, what has this got to do with Spring Cleaning. Well as a Mum of 2 under 2 I don't have time to edit and de-clutter at the moment. I am pretty much run ragged. I am introducing my son Sam to food and this is proving a lengthy process. Luckily Ida finds it highly hysterical despite  breakfast, lunch and tea taking longer then normal. More patience, more cleaning up and luckily more fun! My day seams to be consumed with dressing, changing and feeding my children.
So to brighten up our day we are spring cleaning away the cobwebs and LAUGHING our way into a positive spring mind. Laughter makes you lighter, it makes you glow and it makes you bounce with joy. Both Sam and Ida seam to be having a very positive effect on our household.

So I've forgotten about my dusty corners, spider webs, piles of paper and cluttered house. And instead I am concentrating on LAUGHING a lot!

Ida, The naughty and Sam Sam

As my sister said at the weekend after babysitting the naughties....laughing with Ida is like laughing with a very old friend. We laugh till we cry. We laugh till we can't remember what we are laughing about. And then we laugh some more! I feel very privileged to have such a lovely relationship with both my children. And it makes me even happier that my children are already becoming my friends.

So, go and have a try! LAUGH. It'll make you feel 100% happier and a hell of a lot lighter. And it will certainly let you forget about the piles of mess you have to deal with at some point! And I certainly can't be consumed with worrying about mess when I live with Miss Whirlwind herself! I love her to bits but gosh does she know how to create chaos!!

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