Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Shoes!

@ChicUniqueUK Dorothy slippers I love!

This year, is my first year in a very long time that I will not be pregnant. Woo Hoo! The first year I can actually go shopping and buy something that isn’t a tent. I can look like me again rather then a beached whale. I am very excited. Except for the part where I actually hate shopping for me! It fills me with fear as I know I’ll come home with something that I actually don’t like and waste money. I don’t know why I do it. I just do! It’s such a dissapointment.  Anyway, I certainly haven't had time to shop for me since my two naughties have been around.

So instead I am going to make sure I make time to make do and mend and make new things for myself. I’ll re-vamp old well loved pieces, make new things from saved and treasured bits of fabric and mend things that I thought I’d never wear again.

Inspired by a lovely lady on twitter, Lizzie Longworth of ChicUnique who sent me this twitpic just before Christmas. My reply…I love them! After being out bid on a dress she was in love with on ebay,  she made a gorgeous dress herself, and these AMAZING Dorothy slippers to match. I wished I had the time to do things like that again!

So that's my plan for the coming year.
To get the sewing machine out, make specials for me, my naughties and my new home and then ask Lizzie to make me some special shoes!!

New Year! New shoes!
At least shoes always fit!!
And I'm off to recite the Bagpuss Mice song again!

To see what other lovely things ChicUnique carries click here

Thankyou Lizzie for inspiring me x

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