Friday, 20 January 2012

My make do and mend plans

Sarah and I have given ourselves the task of learning something new to brighten up our already busy lives. A used brain is a happy brain after all! And Sarah and I aren’t the type to sit on our bottoms for too long!  As if starting a new business with a new family wasn’t enough we are now starting a new hobby.
Sarah is learning how to make magic with her Camera, capturing special moments that are so easily lost. And luckily she’s taking us along with her telling us in simple stages how to shoot and snap in only a few easy steps.

I on the other hand am going to take you all along with me on the good ship make do and mend. I have just (last April!!) moved into my house. It is still a complete tip and lots of things still needing to find permanent homes. SamSam is sleeping in a travel cot in our bedroom till we finish Ida’s new bedroom and her current room can become his. So it’ll be all change. And as usual there will be lots of things that we “I” need to make this house a home. Sam doesn’t have a mobile and I can’t find one I like so I am going to make him one. 
I have a huge pile of baby clothes that are too tatty to pass on but are too new to throw away. So I’ll be making lots of pretties to make my house comfortable and homey with those.

For those of you who know me I am not particularly a practical person so it will be very very simple. I am more likely to take a machine apart (with lots of stressful tutting and probably a lot of swearing) to understand what I am doing rather than calmly making something. I recently managed to break 4 sewing machines and 1 over locker in one sitting!! God knows how I managed to finish a 6-outfit catwalk collection for Graduate London Fashion Week I’ll never know!

So as a magpie who doesn’t like to get rid of anything incase I may need it one day, I’ll be making lots of new things from old loved things.  That way I still get to see all my battered treasured beauties.

So for the coming weeks watch out for my weekly blog about making do and mending.
And don't worry, I won't sing that annoying mouse song again!!

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