Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Essential must haves for 1st time Mums...

Being first time parents is a minefield and as a first time Mum carrying the bump with all your hormones and body changes, it's really easy to become overwhelmed. How many first time parents have made a checklist spreadsheet, printed it out and clutching it tightly headed out to Mothercare only to find that they have to order in the item they wanted because it's sold out... AND then you have to worry if it'll arrive before baby because WHAT are you going to do if you have the baby but don't have the must have item?!!

If you're lucky you have sisters, friends, Mum's and a good NCT group to go to (the latter for likeminded people to compare notes with!). If you're still stuck then there's the dreaded internet... where everything should be taken with a pinch of salt (unless of course it's on this blog!)

Babies need the loving care and attention of their parents, warmth, nourishment and little else. This list concentrates more on the 'things money can buy' rather than those things that it can't. The things that make life a little easier when you're trying to adjust to being parents.

So for those first time Mum's out there who want an honest, down to earth list of things they really need - here's my list:

DangerBaby has always had her Daddy wrapped around her fingers!

Moses Basket 0-3m
Pillow 0-3m
White hospital /hole blanket 0-3m
Black out blinds FOREVER
Gro Egg room thermometer 0-6m
Labels for drawers 0-18m >> It's easy to forget where the baby gro is when you're sleep deprived. Labels help a lot
Baby monitor 0-??
Cot bed 3m – 3yrs
Sheets 3m – 3yrs
Cot bumper *2 3m – 3yrs
Teddies FOREVER >> Bunny bunny!
Towel to change baby on floor 0-2yrs >> Babies can't roll off floors. No changing table required.
Decorative boxes / baskets >> I keep nappies, wipes, nappy bags to hand in decorative baskets and hide away the bulk buy boxes.

Baby bath 0-3m >> When they're big enough one of you can bath with baby without a baby bath.
Soft old towel FOREVER >> Very absorbant and cleaned with your household usual products!
Baby oil >> Baby massage at first, until it helps them wriggle away during a nappy change!
Johnson's lavendar bathtime >> I swear by this, helps her sleep!
Dentinox cradle cap shampoo Not sure how effective this is but everyone gives it a go!
Johnson's No Tears formula baby shampoo. No tears formula is a winner
Johnson's baby wash We use this to make bubbles
TOYS  Our favourite is currently an orange plastic bucket. Nothing soaks Daddy quicker!

Pram 0-3yrs?
Soft insert for pram 0-2yrs
Shuktara Blankets 0-6m
Socks 0-6m
Hats 0-6m
Dribble mice (u-ni-k) 0-18m
Muslin cloths 0-6m
Changing bag 0-2yrs+
Changing mat 0-2yrs+
Travel cot 0-2yrs+
Blankets to put around travel cot FOREVER
Car seat 0 – 9kgs
Mirror so you can see baby 2 weeks!
Baby entertainment 0 – 16yrs!
Bumbo 6m-8m
Booster seat 12m – 18m

Radio / CD player FOREVER

Rocking / bouncy chair 3m - 9m

The above list is based upon my experiences as a first time Mum. DangerBaby was always keen to be on the move (under her own power rather than in a car) so she didn't like sleeping bags or being swaddled, nor did she take to sleeping with a light on. She didn't like to be strapped in to her rocking chair either...but loved her jungle gym!
So for us it was blankets and darkness, but like every other Mum I followed advice and now have an unused baby gro bag here that Kathryn puts her dollies in. We can pass on a pretty unused wooden high tech rocking chair and a very well used jungle gym!
My baby is now a toddler,
and has survived all
my parenting mishaps!

Your list maybe different, as children are individuals with their own needs.

Even though you are a first time Mum, you know best.

You know your child better than anyone. So believe in your ability to be a Mum, and on bad days remember - this too shall pass!

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