Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy Birthday MRS DAVIES!!!

Today is Sarah’s birthday, so this blog is dedicated to Mrs Davies herself. Apologies to those wanting a unik inspired blog today. We are too busy celebrating!

As the song goes…in usual stylie

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Scary Sarah
Happy Birthday to you

Sarah and I have a lot in common; we like similar things and have similar tastes. But one thing we don’t agree on is radio stations.  Sarah is a radio 2 listener and I am a 6-radio listener. So I thought it would be better to be safe then sorry. Therefore I have also added a few more versions of the birthday song so that she should at least like one version….got to keep the birthday girl happy!
So here are a few more Mrs. Davies. I hope you like one??

And good old Stevie Wonder. This is because when i sang Happy Birthday in a Stevie Wonder style this morning to Sarah she didn't know that Stevie sang Happy Birthday!!!

This one I know you'll adore, Miss Marilyn Monroe.

Happy Birthday Love
Have a lovely day
We send you a kiss
Sssshhhhh, I won’t tell anyone your 36!!

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