Friday, 6 January 2012

Baby babble...

I babble a little.
Infact I've realised I babble a lot!

Last week I hit the big smoke and travelled on the choo choo train and had a baby free day. With babies in the safe hands of a suitable grown up I escaped my world of nappies, SMA, sterilising, sticky gloupy rice cakes and being Mum and was back to being just me for a while.

I arrived wind swept with baby sick on my shoulder and babbling! Not quite the vision of decorum I was hoping for in my minds eye when I said I’d pop into see the eggy girls on their first day of sale.

After two cups if egg coffee (yum yum) but far too much caffeine I was a shaking wreck. Stupid me. I forgot I've been on decaff for the last two pregnant years!

So my baby brain was tremendously in tow.
As I babbled about babies, the ridiculous and weirdly merged words together to make new ones (?) I have come to the assumption that I have to blame my baby brain. Is that still possible when my youngest is...gosh i can't even remember how many weeks he is? What an awful Mummy I am!

Back in baby land with one baby poorly and the other proving me wrong when I blogged what a marvelous self-soother he was (Samson!!) I throw the microphone to our followers and ask what silly, messy situations has your baby brains got you into?

While your pondering and getting your baby brain in gear…peruse over the gorgeous things we have on sale at unik gifts. 

Happy baby brain Monday. For those of you without baby brains I apologise for all us baby brain Mummies out there. We have no sleep, we have alot to think about and we literally never stop!

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