Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New year, same old resolutions?

I've never made a New Year Resolution, it's not that I don't think that I'm perfect and don't need to change, it's just that I don't have the yearly urge to set goals for each 1 Jan to the next.

But this year it's different! This year I'm setting myself a goal.


Daddy DayCare is a hoarder, DangerBaby is a force of nature and when the two of them get together it's a nightmare! It takes them a few minutes to turn whatever room they are in to a sight more often seen on the news after a freak tornado.

So this year will be the year I cajole, nudge and gently persuade my family members to recycle, upcycle, and give up those items that they no longer need, no longer fit and no longer want.

This is very much in line with the lovely ethos behind Ta Daa, our friends who upcycle old clothes into new clothes for little people.

We're currently stocking their rompers, pants, dresses and shirts in our 'Natural' section of the website.

The colours and textures are usually associated with the high quality tailored shirts you see gentlemen purchasing in Saville Row.

Transformed into these lovely children's clothes, no two pieces are alike and when ordering you should let us know your colour preferences.

Our range can be found here:


I'll let you know how we go with the declutter later on in the year!

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