Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Call this service?!

For those that are local to the u_ni_k IT HQ in sleepy Surrey (UK) you'll be aware of a sinister plot afoot. (did you know that for many cultures the left and left-handedness has been associated with 'evil' or 'unlucky'? Sinistra in latin originally meant left but took on the evil or unlucky meaning over time. Which is why you throw salt over your left shoulder into the eye of Satan. I kid you not. Knowing me is an education! Anyway... I digress!)

Yes I am talking about the disappearing postal service. We used to have a great postal service, normal postie always had a smile on his face, a glint in his eye and a spring in his step. Parcel postie coo'd at the baby and always had time to tell you about her family in Australia, and if you were out (or changing a nappy) she'd hide the parcel for you to save you struggling with the buggy into town to pick it up. Really decent people doing a job they loved, and bringing high quality and excellent customer service that are, sadly, rare to find these days.

Imagine how upset I was to learn we were losing normal postie and parcel postie?! And they were going to be replaced by one man and a van. 'Progress' I think they call it. Well, I'm lucky if we have our mountain of post rammed through the letterbox twice a week. The new postie doesn't enjoy his job (I asked), hasn't introduced himself (even though I introduced myself) and sneaks around with a hat shading his face like some cartoon villain.

Rest assured, although u_ni_k gifts uses Royal Mail to deliver our goods; we use their special delivery service ensuring our gifts are spirited away by people like Parcel Postie and Normal Postie. We'd never settle for anything other than the best. Little by little we hope to help bring high quality and excellent customer service back into our customer's lives.

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