Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Side effects of reading a bedtime story...?

Victoria Plum was a woodland fairy. She was the heroine of several books written and published in the UK during the 1980s.
Victoria Plum wasn't a naughty fairy but she was led into some adventures by some of her friends, animals or good intentions. I distinctly remember the book about her taking a day off school because the sun was shining (she'd been caught daydreaming at her desk and her teacher had told her to leave the class room and live the life she was dreaming of instead of sitting there not paying any attention). I can't remember what mischief was done or the point of the story, just that she was allowed to go outside and play in the wood when the weather was nice. Perhaps I've spent far too many days in the office looking at the sunshine dreaming of being outside!

Anna and I are lucky, DangerBaby and The Naughty are both outdoor nature loving babies. Never happier than when they are covered in soil and heading for a muddy puddle. Perhaps a little of the influence of the curious woodland fairy Victoria has been passed on through us Mums in our bed time reading to the little ones?

(We've been very fortunate to track down the last of the original Victoria Plum illustrations and we've had them professionally mounted so that they will keep for many more generations of little ones to enjoy. To see all the illustrations we have please visit the Handmade section of the website).

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