Friday, 10 June 2011

Life's a rollercoaster...

Remember Zig&Zag? No? Oh come on I'm not the only one who is that old?! Am I? Anyway, they had this hand movement that mimic'd the curves of a graph. When things go well, hands were high and when things didn't go so well down dived the hands. So let's measure this week on the zig and zag scale.

Start of the week - Sort of about hip level (which is pretty low), I couldn't solve a justification issue on my gallery code (geek talk for not being able to put pictures in a row). Anna is relying on me being able to pull this one off. So hand definitely at hip height >> so so.

Middle of the week - Well things were looking up, I'd kind of solved the gallery issue but Mt Washing had grown so high that a few very brave ants had started to make their home under it (I saw a few scuttling across the tiles from underneath one of DangerBaby's bibs). EEEK and also EWWWWWW. So hand still at hip height after a brief rise to shoulder height! >> high and low points.

Towards the end of the week - Anna stuck on a train for 4hrs with bump and probably no food or water. Lots of other Twitter peeps also had family members on the train; what a fiasco. Boo. Our token 'man' in Mummy Club (let's call him the Italian Stallion for now) had started to show some chicken pox blisters and needed some medicine his Mummy didn't have. Boo. Took us 40mins to do the 1.5mile journey from u_ni_k IT HQ to his house (usually a 5-10min drive). Boo. But we'd found the amazing knitted teddy bears. Yay?! >> so so

Today - Finally met up with Anna for our business meeting (yes yes a chat and catchup over a cup of coffee [me] / tea [Anna]). YAY! Picked up the silver nappy pins Richard Ord had sent us. YAY! Saw The Naughty who looked pleased to see us. YAY! And solved the gallery issue once and for all YAY! Hands in the air, mini mexican wave [this is me waving my arms in the air by myself]. Hands up in the air. >> yay end on a high note.

So our lovely bears are up on the site looking for a loving home, the gallery will follow very soon! Oh and the Woking News & Mail article was really nice - they even managed to hide my face in shadow in the photo. So still anonymous when out and about. Definitely hands in the air!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, be back on Monday! All together now..

Bring me Sunshine, in your smile,
Bring me Laughter, all the while,
In this world where we live, there should be more happiness,
So much joy you can give, to each brand new bright tomorrow

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