Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Searching for new makers!

We are always on the hunt for gorgeous people to add to our eclectic family of makers.

We have a ceramicist,
a knitter,
a printer,
a dressmaker,
an artist, 
an illustrator,
a silver pin maker
etc etc.

All of whom we thank for making such original and gorgeous products for u-ni-k gifts.

What we are looking for is a traditional silver spoon maker and a traditional patchwork quilt maker. If you know of such a person that has been keeping their talents to themselves for too long please let us know. Of course if you know of a maker who isn't either of these two things but should be seen, tell us!
We’d love to hear from them and see what treasures they make.
Please share your treasures with us!

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Happy Tuesday!

Anna x

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