Thursday, 2 June 2011

Squark! Buy your gifts at unik gifts Squark! Sarah want a cracker!

It's been a lovely day here at u_ni_k HQ (aka bat cave deep in darkest Surrey), sun has shone, birds have tweeted (not the celeb "I'm doing nothing of importance" kind more the "tweet tweet" birdy kind - oh you know what I mean), even a swan came to visit - majestically swimming by oblivious to us watchers. It was so perfect you had to stop yourself from breaking out in 'zipadee dodah' type Disney songs. Which I'm quite prone to do and not always in tune (pity my friends, neighbours, relatives and all passers by).

So if my u_ni_k life is a Disney movie (let's not ask who's the princess) then where are we in the plot? We're at the heroine waiting patiently to be saved by prince charming (definitely not the Harry or Wills type, the white charger mythical type). What?! I hear you exclaim? Where's Daddy DayCare?? No no no he's here... it's just the heroine in this movie is of course and we sit patiently by the "" email in box waiting for sales enquiries (the prince charming).

Not that we sit idle - oh no we talk to press, email, phone and send out tweets (yes yes of the celeb type, I'm not that much of a nutter that I sit at the bottom of the garden going "squark! buy beautiful treasures at unik gifts squark! Sarah want a cracker!" at passers by), generally forum our name out there into the big bad online world where prince charming and the mythical creatures known as customers dwell.

With all this hard work of publicising ourselves, we sit patiently waiting for those sales to come in.

Ho hum.

Perhaps if I just squark at a few of the passers by it'd hurry things along a bit... SQUARK! Buy lovely things from u_ni_k gifts! SQUARK! Sarah want a gin and tonic?!

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