Friday, 3 June 2011

Strange old world...

Sorry to interrupt normal service but I had a fleeting moment of madness earlier today and agreed to let Daddy DayCare off to play Twilight Golf (no not with Robert Pattinson, more 'sun going down' type twilight than 'hormonal teenager and vampire' twilight <-- just lost all my teenage readers right there). Anyway, we're back on track now... where was I? Oh yes

u_ni_k are new, brand new in fact, so we're a bit like newborn babies - we need all the help we can get! But just like babies we're learning fast, we're blogging, Facebook-ing (is that a verb yet? do you 'Facebook'? anyway, I digress again), Tweeting and generally talking to lots of people about the great stuff we have to offer. In addition to all this, we also have another very important message - we want to support a children's charity but cannot choose which one.

Yeah underneath all this crazy madness and tech-y geek like wizzardry we're just two big softies (ask Anna about trying to watch Red Nose Day... she's brave I didn't even turn on the TV). So we're asking people to suggest a charity for u_ni_k to support. We're going to have one of our Mummy friends choose a suggested charity from a hat at the end of June.

So far 2, I KNOW!! 2 people from the 164 people who read this blog and the 68 Friends on Facebook and the 19 followers on Twitter, just 2 people have recommended a charity. AND both of them know Anna outside of u_ni_k activities.

Now both of the suggested charities are worthy causes and we'd love to support either of them, but if you want your charity of choice to have some money, free publicity, and well basically 2 new best friends; then please get in touch!

It's a strange old world when you can't even give money away.

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