Monday, 27 June 2011

Treasure shopping: Treasures are only treasures if you use them

Yes, Yes, I must apologise before I start to bleat on about beautiful, aesthetic products, buying from makers rather than suppliers and buying personal products again…it’s kind of my passion. I want to be surrounded by functional beautiful objects. I am not one of “those” people that buy beautiful things and then keeps them locked away in a cupboard for who to see? Nobody!
If I take the time and money to choose something beautiful and precious, I do so because I want to be reminded that it is beautiful every time I use it. It makes me happy to make my partner and I a cup of tea in our hand thrown mugs that I asked the maker to create in celebration of our anniversary. I love dressing my daughter in a hand made dress that one of my closet friends has made especially for her.  If the treasure breaks or gets damaged in the process then at least I have used and loved it and have lots of memories of it! Much better then it sat collecting dust.

Ok, I have been spoilt, working in the beautiful surroundings of egg for ten years. And now working with Sarah at u-ni-k HQ finding and spreading the word about beautiful traditional baby gifts that are still out their if you know where to look! But I think it’s important that these little nuggets of joy are there and used everyday to make us all smile.

As a soon to be expectant Mummy (yes, quick I know!) I was chatting with two other mummy bumps at the weekend and discussing baby products, trying to get a feel for what one of the Mummies may want/need for her first born. I wanted to buy her something special, as she and her husband are lovely. They are also very particular! . I understand that us parents can be very particular with the things we choose for our babies. After all, those funny outfits we get bought will forever and always feature in the family photo album if we are not careful!
 I understand from being a parent myself that Mummies and Daddies buy the practical things for the new born. The pack of 6 vests, 6 sleep suits, and endless muslins. And grandparents to be sometimes helping buy the BIG things that now days need a small mortgage to pay for like the buggy

 That leaves everyone else out there to buy the treasures that you don’t expect and that make you smile and cry all at the same time when you open them. After all, babies really don’t need that much when they are really little!

Treasures in my opinion are the things that when you spot in a shop, make your heart beat that little bit faster. Or as my little sister says….make you so excited you need to pee yourself! I am a big fan of them. In fact I hate shopping and really only love treasure shopping. I love the excitement and thrill of it all. Finding that special something that no one else has found!

That’s what u-ni-k is here for. We are not like every other baby gift website offering gifts for newborns.  We are hunting high and low to find those gorgeous products that will hopefully make you and the recipient of your gift squeal with delight.  The heirlooms and the back to tradition products that are so hard to find.  Hand thrown breakfast sets that should be used everyday. Cashmere blankets that keep your little one warm. Everyone knows that cashmere grows more beautiful with age, so it should be used.  Or the hand smocked dresses that should be worn as an accompaniment to wellie boots while puddle jumping …in my opinion!   We’ve even found the last original artworks of Victoria Plum. What is the point in having all these beauties if they are not used, hung or worn.

We have found lots of treasures already and are always on the look out to fill our troves with more.  We are even willing to share our finds with you. And on top of that, if you don’t find it easy to choose a special gift then that is where Sarah and I can help. We are here to help you find that special something.

And what did I choose for my lovely friend I hear you ask? A limited edition Belle and Boo “Boo” print. The print it’s self is beautiful, timeless and classic.  The editions are limited to only 50, which makes it a true treasure. We have left it unframed so that the parents can choose the finishing touches to match their nursery. Not only that but it is signed by the wonderful illustrator herself, Mandy Sutcliffe.  A true treasure in my book! 

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