Monday, 13 June 2011

Come on Summer, we want to make some memories!

Lots of things in the UK are barmy; there's those sports fans who camp outside a ticket office for weeks just to spend a damp afternoon for a 'tennis tumult ' watching the British hopeful put in a valiant effort (have you noticed it's always a valiant effort), or those groups of people who meet to practice wearing bells, waving sticks and dance about a bit - all just for one fete in May (yes Morris dancers - do you ever see them outside of the Month of May? No? Neither do I, where do they go for the rest of the year? Bet they're accountants or something). The most barmy of all must be the weather. Only in the UK can you have all seasons in one day.

Saturday was so bad I considered lighting the fire, especially when the hail stones started to settle like snow. However, I resisted as it is 'Flaming June'!!! Sorry had to stop myself from keeping my finger on the exclamation mark. It's been hard to believe that it's not April with all the rain. Not that I'm complaining, with three (or is it four) counties officially in a 'drought' and my garden in desperate need of a proper water - the rain is very welcome. As long as we have a summer, with sunshine and ice cream and all those other summer treats.

A chance to see the little one toddle about in one of Annafie's hand smocked dresses, or layout one of those rich, thick Shuktara blankets out on the grass for a picnic, or build a den on the beach with an Old Rectory jersey lined blanket. A chance to make some summer memories, all we need is a bit of warm weather before the cold, dark winter nights return. It's not much to ask? Is it?

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