Thursday, 9 June 2011

No job too big, no task too small!

Daddy DayCare sometimes calls me 'Half-a-Job', I think this is because being a man he can't understand how I can start one task and in the middle of that task start another smaller task, finish the smaller task and go back to the larger task I originally started. Every woman can do this, we're born capable. However, sometimes when juggling the baby and company tasks even I may lose track of what the original task was.

Today was a perfect example of why it's a really good way to organise your life, as I was popping into the village to purchase some Baby Piriton for one of our friends (who now has chicken pox!). But while I was there I thought I'd pop into the local art studio / framers and ask them to mount the fabulous Victoria Plum pieces for me. Large task - Go to village and purchase Baby Piriton, Smaller task - Put artwork in for framing.

To my delight, in a small unlit corner of the framers sat two exquisite knitted teddy bears. Wonderfully soft to the touch, lovingly embroidered faces and a little tag telling me who made them (with love). Well, I just had to snap them up as u-ni-k has been asked to sell knitted bears by one of our friends on Facebook.

Such a gem of a find, I hope the lady knitter calls me as I left my card behind with my contact details. I'd love to share these delightful bears with other children.

Sometimes being a 'Half-a-Job' throws a wonderful adventure into my path and today was one of those days. Oh and there's two lucky children out there somewhere, who can give these two bears a loving home now that they have been rescued from their unlit little corner in sleepy Surrey.

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