Friday, 2 September 2011

Kept Keepsakes & Tidied Away Treasures

I heard about a survey on the radio today (6 radio NOT 2…I’m the cool half of u-ni-k!) about how a large percentage of people still store away thier childhood keepsake, teddies and toys. Whilst some people are selling there outgrown, clutter on ebay or simply throwing it away, WE are mostly keeping our treasured keepsakes and toys close to our hearts.

This makes me very happy!

In a world where Ben 10 (for those who don’t know he’s a ten year old boy who discovers a device to turn him into ten different alien superhero’s) rules the roost and Angry Birds are a popular past time, should we be worried that the toys with longevity are a thing of the past? Where have all the childhood treasures disappeared to? If we aren’t careful, what will our children keep as treasures and memories of their childhood– a Call Of Duty PS4 disc?? (Over my dead body Mr Kircher!)

Are we too ready to sell our children’s old outgrown wears on ebay and the like,….while our children are too busy living in virtual worlds? How will they ever be able to cherish the gorgeous toys and keepsakes that we all hold fond memories of during there growth?

Ida has many teddies, toys and books that were my own when I was a growing girl. I love the fact she has taken a liking for them as I did. I hope she loves them enough so that they will all still be around when she and Sam have children.

In a world where virtual realities rule, take a think back to what you have stored away from your childhood and think wisely when you buy children gifts. 
I am sure I am not the only one who has saved, stored and cherished thier cuddly keepsakes and vintage story books.

Have a may be surprised what you have kept!

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  1. I have lots of books that were Ross and Rhia's - also some of mine too - hope Ida will enjoy reading my "Famous Five" when she is older!