Friday, 30 September 2011

Our cheeky Forest Friends

With autumn fast approaching and the dark nights drawing in, I’d like to introduce our new paper Forest friends.
Foxy Fox, Barry the Badger, Scotty Squirrel and Hannah Hedgehog can be found hanging around my back garden waiting for the cob nuts to fall from my trees so they can eat a tasty supper. They are all a little cheeky, especially Scotty!! He’s always stealing the birdies food. And Foxy,…well you have to be quick or you miss her. She likes hanging out at the bottom of my garden next to the over grown pond. She’s been basking in the last of the summer sun today! And Hannah…well she’s normally snoozing somewhere….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. And Barry, we only see him when he’s hungry!

These 2D treasures are quickly transformed into these 3D gorgeous animals simply with scissors, a ruler and glue. Perfect for Kiddies and Kidults alike.
Designed by Madeleine Rogers for Mibo, they are printed using vegetable dyes and printed on recycled paper.
Madeleine founded her company Mibo in 2001, first designing dashing lampshades. Her signature modern and clean designs quickly gained recognition with Habitat, The Conran shop and Heals snapping them up.
Where possible all Mibo products are made in the UK, using organic and recycled materials.

Snap them up quick…they are a fast bunch and will be gone quicker then you know!

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