Tuesday, 13 September 2011

There's not much difference between a Mum and an entrepreneur!

I saw a quote on Twitter that tickled me.."an entrepreneur is someone who works 16hrs to avoid working 8hrs for someone else". How true, especially recently as I've been working on our new look website:

[same address www.unikgifts.co.uk]

It also made me think.. what makes entrepreneurs so different to those who work 9-5 for 'someone else'? I trawled the internet and found the following reasons why:

  1. Entrepreneurs are not merely"self employed" but rather individuals who have a grand vision and a strategy for a particular idea.  
  2. Individuals who work for someone else enjoy the security of a steady income and a structured environment [to a degree]. Your part of an established 'team'. An entrepreneur is out there pretty much on their own.
  3. Entrepreneurs relish in the fact that they can grow their income in proportion to their hard work and success [fingers crossed].
  4. Entrepreneurs and corporate workers both work hard, but entrepreneurship requires a 24 hour work mentality [especially at the beginning when it's tough].
  5. Most corporations provide a safety net, so if you miss a task or fail to do something there is a network in place to offset the error; as an entrepreneur you will need an extraordinary skill set and extraordinary stamina to rectify any mistakes made.
  6. Many entrepreneurs are not interested in gaining resources (or making money) as quickly as possible; rather they are interested in long term growth and continually re-invest money back into the business idea or product.
  7. Corporate works have a life and enjoy weekends off, dinner with the family, and paid holiday (in addition to a defined pension program or a employee sponsored pension plan).
  8. Entrepreneurs are stubborn.
  9. Corporate workers can they can enjoy hobbies, sport, entertainment, music, etc., while a successful entrepreneur is busy.

So if you are thinking of starting your own business, you need to ask yourself a few questions and answer them honestly.

Can you live with much less income [initially I hope ]?
Are you strong enough to 'go it alone' or do you have a supportive partner to help you through the tough mental, emotional, financial times ahead?
Are you willing to sacrifice all your 'you' time?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above then you are prepared to become a mumpreneur! You should have answered yes because these would have been the questions that you asked yourself before becoming a Mum.

Having a child is very much like taking a business idea and turning it into a business. Both my babies (DangerBaby and u-ni-k gifts) occupy my thoughts 100% of the time and I can't remember when the last time I had some 'me' time.

I'm not earning the superpennies of a global programme manager and thankfully the loving Daddy DayCare is looking after us while we build ourselves up into the business we want to be, or at least until we are on our feet [unik not DangerBaby who is already running around]

Is it all worth it, you ask?

I'll let you know a year from now, but suffice to say it's hard work but enjoyable so far. [Being a Mum and an entrepreneur]

Tomorrow's blog will be celebrating Roald Dahl.

Many thanks to Vincent Scordo who wrote the inspiring article on February 9, 2009

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