Thursday, 15 September 2011

Quick panic only 99 days left

Quick panic, only 99 days ''til Christmas.

Yep you heard it here first folks, we've passed that magical date in the calendar that lets retailers start the frenzy that is the lead up to Christmas. Pop to your local supermarket today and I tell you they'll have some of their Christmas decoration (cards, wrapping paper etc) and perhaps even some Christmas chocolates on the shelves. It starts now peeps.

So let's think about this, 99 days is a little over 14 weeks. If you want something extra special, made by hand by a talented artisan, you may have to order your purchase up 6 weeks beforehand.

So you actually have 8 weeks shopping time before Christmas.

But this is not factoring in the Royal Mail deadline date for Christmas parcel post, and let's admit that you need to add a few days just to make sure it arrives to your nephew in South Africa on time:

International Airmail
Mon 6 Dec 2010
South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Far East (including Japan), Australia  and New Zealand
Fri 10 Dec 2010
Eastern Europe, USA and Canada
Mon 13 Dec 2010
Western Europe

Let's be safe and say you post it on the 3rd December. That's another 3 weeks of lost shopping time.

Oh oh you have to gift wrap it before putting it in the post. Do you remember how long that takes? How many weeks do your presents sit, hidden before the dreaded 'gift wrapping' evening can no longer be avoided... 1, 2 weeks? So let's factor that in as well.

Then you run out of sellotape [other brands of sticky back plastic are available] and so have all your local shops, so you have to wait until next week when you're in town to pick some up. There goes another week.

All of a sudden you only have 2 weeks to find the perfect present, wrap it and post it to make sure that it arrives looking all beautiful for opening on Christmas day.

Feeling the pressure? How's that heartbeat? Need a cup of tea/coffee/wine?

And breathe. 

Anna and I are here to help. We're helpful people {it's in our nature, no really it is... along with being bossy [me] and a bit hippy [Anna]}

So panic not, drop us a line we will navigate through the maze of children's advertising to find you a present that will stand out from the crowd and be the favourite present of the holidays.

Oh and we gift wrap and post for you.

Stay Calm and Panic Shop with u-ni-k gifts at

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