Friday, 23 September 2011

We love Bunny Rabbits!

A blog dedicated to Bunny Bunny our constant companion

This Sunday is International Rabbit Day, I kid you not – there is a whole day around the world where our long and short eared furry friends are celebrated. The official wording behind IRD is “International Rabbit Day is an international day which promotes the protection and care of rabbits both domestic and wild.” So it's not all carrot crunching and washing of ears, then?!

At 1 day old
Rabbits play a big part in my life, DangerBaby can always be found with BunnyBunny or both BunnyBunnies (she knows there's two so there goes my 'backup bunny' plan). She will not sleep without a Bunny, BunnyBunny has been with her since the day she was born and I can't see a day where he will not feature in her life (I still have Panda and I'm over 30!).

Her two favourite things!
We read stories with bunnies in them, and when she points at a picture the phrase is always the same – 'BunnyBunny hop hop!'. They're a firm favourite. It's not surprising then that as soon as I started to knit animals the first thing I tried after a panda was a rabbit. It took me a while to find the pattern that I loved the most and can't stop knitting. I found Barbara Prime on Flickr and was hooked from the sheep to the rabbits onwards. I use her patterns as a basis for the u-ni-k bunnies (deviating when my experiments show me that her pattern doesn't always suit the yarn I am knitting with).
BunnyBunny at the Drs
with chickenpox

I've just finished Dirty Dorris, the little sister of the u-ni-k Bella Bunny. I'm knitting her jumper as we speak... so she can be photo'd an put on the website along with the Micies, Squishies and other Softies. I'll of course put the results of the photo shoot on this blog and on the Facebook page as an exclusive sneak preview, once she's dressed.

Bella and Dorris are not the only rabbits we have over at u-ni-k, Anna has two (real ones) called Seth and Primrose and we of course stock the lovely letterpress limited edition prints by Mandy Suttcliffe of Belle and Boo, and just Boo. Rabbits also feature in our framed vintage playing cards, as breakfast boards (the one photographed on the site is actually Kathryn's) and pull along toys.

So celebrate International Rabbit Day with us at u-ni-k and bring one of these lovely creatures into your life!

If I'm going then so is BunnyBunny!

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