Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Those who can't teach, shouldn't!

As you may have gathered, I'm planning to launch our new look website at the end of this week and to be brutally honest with you; it's been a hard fought battle to reach this point of being so close to 'go live'. Trying to manage the day job of keeping u-ni-k running, keep the ever increasing demands of DangerBaby seen to (now that she is properly toddling she needs INPUT!) and of course all the travelling to and from OompaLand has made this new website a real labour of love.

Since Anna and I have agreed to share all the u-ni-k work 50/50, she has taken it upon herself to learn how to build, edit and publish a website page. So we've been doing some distance learning / teaching, and it's not been easy on either of us.

While there has been no gnashing of teeth or wailing at walls, we have still managed to lose our skills of communication. It was only late last night did I realise Anna has spent the whole week working blind as I'd not told her about CSS (cascading style sheet). I'd been working on the basics of text and images – while forgetting that if she didn't have the style sheet attached to the page she would be looking at pictures and texts just not doing what she wanted. The styles attached to them were missing as I'd not told her to save the stylesheet as well as the page she was working on!

Agghhh! Bad teacher! A very long time ago, I had walked Anna through how our web pages were built up and tried to explain the layers involved. I had kinda assumed she has assimilated this and had put all this stuff into practice while building up her first page. DOH! So 3 emails sent in quick succession last night started with an apology email, a quick explanation of how to set up some folders to trick dreamweaver into believing you had a website folder on your laptop and then a step through the code that she had misunderstood.

I'm not sure what names I was called at her end of the email conversation, but I am sure I deserved all of it. Luckily I live far enough away to not have heard.

Again, I apologise Anna. Sorry to have made this look more difficult than it should be. You are doing really well, despite your rubbish teacher.

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