Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A World of Imagination! PUFF PUFF ROAaaaaarrrrR !

I was watching Cash in the attic the other day (I know, I know- rubbish TV, but I was feeding Samson so I had to pass the time somehow when he’s on the wrong boob- I can’t type with my left hand! ) and they stumbled across a collection of weebals! For those of you who weren’t children during the eighties, - weebals were roly-poly funny egg shaped things with faces that couldn’t fall or be pushed over as they were balls. They were pretty ugly but definitely had a likeability factor. I can’t remember why I loved mine so much. The collection on TV were a small family that created quite a stir with an abundance of bids at auction. Who would have thought that the funny little round faces would be worth something in years to come. They are simply made of plastic!

You can never decide what your children will learn to love. Ida has a fascination for cardboard tubes at the moment because they are also secretly a trumpet and a telescope if you have a little imagination! She is also partial to a blusher brush!! Who would have daughter Miss Vain!

I love to watch her intently moving objects round the room, making little hoards of certain things and disregarding others. Opening boxes up and removing the contents then putting it all back in.  Reading an upside down book to me in a jibber jabber Ida language. Be warned, don’t ever turn that book round the right way! Squawk squawk how dare you!

A world of imagination is important. It makes play time come alive and makes a simple tent in your garden into a pretty home with  an elaborate window box with a purple stegosaurus who comes to tea every Tuesday for plum jam and scones and a cup of chai!

We have a steggie visiting us soon on the u-ni-k website. Be warned, she’s of the unique variety and a little naughty! Lets hope she can fill lots of little ones imaginations as they play!

Welcome steggie!

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