Monday, 12 September 2011



Now I’m BIG on service. I don’t moan or shriek if I don’t receive the service I expect but I most definitely won’t shop or use the product again if I don’t get the service I feel is correct of the product I am buying. 

For instance I used to shop on line with a well known supposedly slightly more expensive supermarket before the terrors came along. The quality was fantastic. Hardly ever was my chosen shopping substituted.  The driver always called if he thought he may be late, They bought the shopping into my house wherever I choose for it to be dropped, were always polite, took my plastic carriers away from my last shop and left with a polite friendly farewell. The only time my shopping was late was because the heaviest snow fell in an hour in decades.
Since moving and having Samson, the purse strings have been tightened and budgets set so we can make the Kircher bungalow into the home we always wished for. As a result I no longer use the same supermarket. The supermarket that now delivers my shopping is frequently late. I nearly always have between 4-6 substitutes, the drivers smells of BO, and they must have a company policy of as soon as they step on your property they will not touch the carrier bags any more. Even when I was 1 week off my due date with Sam the driver expected me to lift every bag off the dirty cartons they were loaded on and carry them into my kitchen. This I actually complained about!!
Some may think my attitude is a little snobby! I personally think we have become a little too accepting of sloppy customer service.

I am equally as impressed if the service I receive is good. My ex-local pizza take away company always amazes me by their efficient, clean and professional service. Now you may say they are just a take away Pizza shop but to watch them work is like watching a finely tuned car. Their standard of service with seamless precision is streamlined due to the team knowing who was responsible for what. They are fantastic. Highly recommended!

Service has been drummed into me from an early age. My Dad worked from home so whenever the phone rang and we were big enough to answer it, we were expected to answer with a polite telephone manner and take a clear message. One of my first p/t jobs was as a shoe shop advisor for an exclusive shoe store where clients couldn’t shop without being served. My favourite clients were the old ladies that couldn't reach their toes, so needed my help and advice.... I loved to natter to them! The boss used to have us running round the stock room as a forfeit if we didn't reach targets at the end of the day.... obviously all in jest! And targets weren't all about money made. It was a reflection on cleanliness, quality of service and knowledge of stock. All integral to a good customer service.
We all know what it's like to be ignored by a shop person who happily takes your money but doesn’t actually look up to acknowledge you are there.

My last company I worked for was renowned for it’s service. If you arrived at opening or teatime you would be offered a cup of tea (builders and herby) or good proper coffee served on a beautiful tea tray! We carried your shopping to your car, hand delivered it to your home, called you a taxi to take you home, offered to alter the length or take in or out your purchased clothes to make it perfect for your body shape. We made to order, especially dyed things a certain colour, washed your clothes and called clients when something arrived we thought was made for them and always smiled. We even sent Christmas gifts to our loveliest clients and made our own packaging behind the scenes! Service is second nature to me now.  It’s a simple thing to offer…it’s free…and it’s something that goes a long way. It’s simple. When the economy is struggling and stores are finding it hard to meet targets, a simple smile goes a long way.

At u-ni-k Sarah and I will always offer a friendly, smiley service. We’ll happily advise you with your shopping. We can personalize, make a different size or colour or even make something totally unique when you can’t quite find what you were looking for.  We’ll even send it to your friend or family member and remind you the following year when the new baby that you bought for turns 1. And we make our own packaging too! We try to make your shopping experience special, as we are just as happy when our gifts find happy homes as you are. 
We were even a little sad to say goodbye to our favourite Victoria Plum original drawing last week, when she found a happy home!

Bye Bye Victoria!

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