Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Our knitted u-ni-k families

I've been quietly building up the new website and finishing off a few knitting projects, while generally being a SuperMum and WonderfulWife in my spare time! Well OK I've been trying to keep up with everything while putting our new website together. [We hope to be launching the new website later this week, so watch this space]

In the mean time, and while it's topical (it's wool week – see yesterday's post!), here's our new additions to the u-ni-k family. All are hand knitted and embroidered, they are made using natural materials that conform to British Safety Standards. So rest assured there are no small parts, thin chords or other dangers to little people:

The Micies
They seem to have been popping up all over u-ni-k IT HQ for a few months now, usually near DangerBaby who has been feeding them crumbs off her plate! Very soft with a contrast of garter and stocking stitch to engage little hands in the different textures. They can be found 'hanging out' on our buggy and with the other toys in the toy basket adding colour and cheeky mouse faces. They are great peekaboo-ing with little ones as they are small enough to be grasped by little hands.

The Squishies
Big Boss Panda would be a James Bond villain if they would cast soft cotton pandas in the roll. He is just big enough for a little hand to grasp and with his contrasting white and black he's easy for little people to focus on. His arms and legs are different textures, giving little hands and mouths something different to explore.

Lazy Susan is a little bit bigger than Big Boss Panda, rest assured she's still squishy and easy to grasp. She sits around all day looking for something tasty to snack on, she's really looking forward to Christmas as there's always treats for her to find then. She's so lazy her arms and feet no longer touch the ground.

The Softies have two families – the Bunnies and the Sheepsies.
The Bunnies:
Bella & Dorris are the Bunnies two girls and although they are sisters they couldn't be more different.
Bella is the eldest and has long ears just like her Dad. She's the pretty one and is never out of a dress, she dreams of becoming a ballerina but is always tripping over her very big feet!

Dorris is a 'tom bunny', her Mum is always asking “how did you get so dirty Dorris?” so she's usually called 'Dirty Dorris'. Dorris wants to be an archaeologist or entomologist or palaeontologist, she's not quite decided yet. As long as it involves messing about in dirty places, she'll be happy. Dorris is usually found wearing a hooded jumper and hanging about outside.

The Sheepsies:
Larry & Steveo are twins, but not identical twins.
Larry has his head in the clouds and so can be a little misunderstood. He's a little loopy as he wants to be an RAF pilot when he's bigger. He spends all his days running around trying to do loop de loops!

Steveo definitely has his feet on the ground, as the future black sheep of the family he has 'PLANS'. He's going to conquer the world in his own cool way. He'll probably end up being the boss of people who do something with computers. A future leader of industry. Like Dorris he can currently be found 'hanging out' in a hooded jumper.

To celebrate Wool Week we'll be launching a pure wool version of the Sheepsies exclusively for u-ni-k gifts!

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