Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A newly named GREEN & NATURAL section

We support and love unique makers.
We support and love handmade products and those that make them.
We support Mummy, Daddy and Grandparent makers.

We also support all that is GREEN, all that keeps our world turning in a healthy happy way so that our children and their children can live in a healthy environment. What we do today supports and maintains a healthy world for our families in the future.
So when Sarah mentioned that the Planet Friendly section on our website was the least favourite section I was shocked and surprised.
So I am dedicating this blog to promoting all products on our newly named NATURALS section and will explain why the products on this section are GREEN and ever so lovingly special.

Shuktara kantha blankets
Hand stitched (kantha) blankets made in Calcutta from recycled Sari cotton’s. Not only are Shuktara supporting the local community by giving the skilled women jobs to stitch these beautiful blankets, the profits of these blankets also go towards the Shuktara children’s charity; Helping Indian children who have been disowned due to their disabilities. Not only does Shuktara support and educate them, it also homes them for life in a “home” environment rather than an institution. So not only are you helping the environment by buying a upcyled product made with hands and no machines, you are also supporting a fabulous charity run by my very good friend, David Earp.
We love it when each blanket finds a happy home, as they are truly beautiful.

Old Rectory sleep wear
Beautifully soft bed wear for children created by two sisters whose grandfather’s sketches of local nature spots and wildlife have helped create these timeless pieces. All have been made using only quality controlled and insured cottons, healthy working environments and Oeko-tex certified dyes. This means kinder to the environment as well as kinder to our children’s skin. We have a gorgeous collection of blankets, sleep bags, rompers and PJ’s. I only wish they did the PJ’s in my size!
Daisy Bridgewater from the Telegraph also recently caught the green bug and noticed how beautiful and special this collection is.

Belle and Boo letterpress’s
These special editions (editions of 50) are beautifully printed using the 20th century tradition of letterpress printed onto 100% cotton fibres recycled from the garment district. Letter pressing gives a rich and distinctive appearance to the print. A feeling of a product printed with care where you can almost envisage the person who has worked the beautiful press machine to create the captured print. The simple method works by pressing a raised surface onto paper to form an image. Not only are these Belle and Boo prints a beautiful finished product, they have also been made using a beautiful and hopefully not to be forgotten method of printing. The printing process itself is a work of art.

Recycled silver spoons
Using recycled silver-plated spoons and capturing a moment of birth by personalising the naughty spoon with a name and date of birth. Organically upcycled vintage silver spoons.

Marcus Kampe Wooden Toys
Beautiful toys handmade using traditional methods of carving the wood, made in the deepest darkest woods in the Teuroberg forest. Made from sustainable Birchwood, Cherry and Alder trees. Marcus and Britte believe in following the natural lines and quality of the wood to create a beautiful finished piece. Each piece has been lovingly nurtured and made with love by a true craftsperson.
We were spoilt for choice when selecting our u-ni-k collection.
We finally selected a beautiful collection of vehicles & pull along toys for children to play with, coat hooks and racks to embellish a nursery and breakfast boards to make any meal time fun. The naughty ‘s mealtime is always made more enjoyable when a little animal on her plate is noticed and both her and I moo like a cow or baa like a sheep while eating her tasty meal.

Soon to be launched: TaDaa’s simple clothing shapes.
One of our newest makers- TaDaa are a duo team that have created a collection of children’s clothes from up cycled shirting fabrics made with 100% natural fibres. They have incorporated many multicultural influences when creating this collection as well as keeping the key features of the shirt when making the clothes, Meaning every piece is a one off.
The shirts that finally become the TaDaa collection are all collected from Le Relais, the French charitable recycling organisation.
We are looking forward to receiving our first delivery of clothes next week.

So now you all know how special our little family of GREEN and NATURAL makers are!! Not only do they care about making wonderful products for our children they are also looking after the environment by doing so.
Something we all should be doing just a little bit more!


Choose Natural!

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